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Hi! This page is all about me and my story as I venture into the media industry! 

Feel free to read ahead to learn more about me!

My Story

I am currently a Second Year Media Production student at Bournemouth University. 

My background is very centred around the performing arts. I have been dancing in classical dance styles such as Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz and Contemporary for close to 10 years now. From my love of dance, I decided to undertake dance as one of my GCSE options in the hopes of persuing my original career aspiration of being in musical theatre. Going into college, subjects related to the performing arts wasn't available at my preferred institution, as a substitute I opted for Media Studies. From then, learning about the media industry and producing a music video for the coursework assessment sparked a love for visual media.

Then the time came to start looking at university. With a passion for media rising, I knew that a career in the media industry was my future. After frequent recommendations, Bournemouth University was deemed the top choice. Today I have grown as an individual in confidence, teamwork ability, organisation, leadership and the list goes on from working on a variety of projects including films, documentaries, scripts, live events as well as working part-time in the hospitality industry building key people skills in the public sector. 

Thinking about my future career, I am aiming to become a Film/TV Producer. There is a certain satisfaction that comes with being a producer of seeing a project from start to end, from the birth of an idea to being able to share the final product with your friends, family and colleagues. 

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