Memory Lane was the first script I have ever written, it tells the story of an elderly couple, Peter and Dorothy Baldwin, who visit their local pub to talk about their favourite memories made there.

This received a mark of 74/100 in my first semester of Year 1 at Bournemouth University

This script was recognised as an Official Selection in The First-Time Screenwriter Showcase 2022 

Additionally, I won the Best Young Screenwriter 2022 award at the Best Script Awards - London with 'Memory Lane'

Additionally, Bournemouth University interviewed me and wrote an article about my success with this script. You can read the article by clicking on the button below

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This short documentary was produced for my Digital Film Unit during Level 4 of BA Media Production at Bournemouth University. 
The brief for this film was to encompass the theme of 'Diversity'. Therefore, my group and I settled on the idea of 'Biodiversity', we went to Avon Heath and interviewed a ranger about what biodiversity is, why it's so important and what can be done to help maintain biodiversity.
This project achieved a mark of 70/100.

Star Seeker LogoFINAL.png


This project was an app prototype made for the Digital Media Design Unit of Level 4 BA Media Production at Bournemouth University. 

We had to design an app which tackled a problem relating to one of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. My group and I decided to use Goal Number 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Star Seeker is an app that tracks steps and after an interval of steps (e.g., 3000 steps) you received a 'star' these stars then added up and once you had enough stars you could claim a discount code for a healthy eating/sustainable brand such as Hello Fresh.

This was targeted at people who would often drive short distances which are easily walkable to help remove cars from the road

This project received a mark of 73/100



Confronting Club Culture was the first group production of my degree at Bournemouth University. We made this piece to be a chance for victims of spiking to be heard and have their stories told. This piece was awarded a 62/100.